What on earth is Zumami?

There are all kinds of chilli jams  - but this one is DIFFERENT – It’s like no other on earth. How do we know this? Because THE Zumami recipe is our very own original aromatic recipe, having been created, evolved and fine-tuned for over 15 years. Prior to commercial release in December 2018, we conducted rigorous taste testing on unsuspecting family and friends until they eventually gave in and placed their forward orders.


With fresh, tangy and juicy apricots as its main ingredient, Zumami is unique in the field of Chilli Jams (not even a tomato or capsicum in sight).

Focus on flavour and pairing

Naturally, chilli is vital to an Asian inspired Chilli Jam, however Zumami is not about being extra hot and spicy, unlike so many of the “knock your socks off” chilli sauces and condiments on store shelves.  Zumami’s layers of flavours are the full package, offering a perfect blend of salty, spicy, sour and sweet to go with huge range of foods and recipes (more on this later).

At Mouthwater Foods (Zumami’s creator) we believe that food should be experienced as a journey – and that by pairing with all kinds of food, Zumami’s amazing flavours can be sensed, savoured and enjoyed by all (well maybe not babies... but then again?)

Zumami is not destined for Supermarket shelves, but will be sold (and tasted) in many more busy cafes, deli’s, restaurants, cellar doors Australia wide.  So if you have a favourite foodie haunt where you would like to taste Zumami, by all means share the love!  Send us a message via the contact form with your suggestions and be eligible  for a Zumami referral reward (certain conditions apply).

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