Zumami is Live

After more than 15 years of development and testing, the “production” version of Zumami was born on December 8th, 2018. Since then, Zumami has been surprising and delighting the taste buds of dozens of early adopters up and down the East Coast of Australia.

We were so focused on releasing the product, we have got a bit behind on establishing our social and sales infrastructure. Apologies for that – we are human too, and are working hard to bring everything up to date in Q2 2019.

The “soft launch” of Zumami in December 2018 had some great unintended consequences including:

  • Lots of people getting their first jar of Zumami for Xmas 2018

  • Lots of those people being blown away by the product so much they have been buying up 6 packs of Zumami (for the price of 5 – a great deal still on offer!)

  • A Victorian stockist experiencing runaway sales and having to reorder twice within 2 weeks of product launch!

  • People who are not spicy food eaters coming to the Zumami party for the flavours, and loving the mild chilli hit at the end.

With initial stocks getting dangerously low, the next batch of Zumami has just arrived at our warehouse. It features in season, certified organic, fresh Australian Apricots (awesome!). Thank you to one of our contract partners, Dalhousie Foods for the great job they're doing in replicating product. We have to say though, that we reckon the local apricots have made the product even better this time in terms of depth of flavour and consistency - we didn't even think that would be possible! Go check out at our new web store now to order your personal Zumami stash - it's live at last!

Talk again soon,

Pete, Lynn, Bianca and Nelson

The Zumami Team

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