What does Zumami go with?

What DOESN'T it go with!

That’s such a good question and one whose answer is highly personal. There are no rules with Zumami  – rules are there to be broken anyway… so what the hell!  You and your tribe are free to enjoy it with whatever food you choose, in whatever format takes your fancy.  In fact we love hearing all about weird and wonderful combinations that seem to work. 


Here are some tried and tested combinations that have satisfied most of the people most of the time – and that’s a darn good start.


  • BREAKFAST – with bacon, in an omelette, alone on toast (yes really!)

  • LUNCH & SNACKS – with cheeses (now you’re talking!); mixed with hummus on fresh Lebanese bread, falafel and tabouleh; with ham or cold cuts, spread on a tasty sandwich or wrap, making a burger really sing.

  • SOUPS – Dollop into a laksa or awaken some dhalbaat with Zumami. Who knows -even a minestrone might benefit a little?

  • MEATS & POULTRY– Divine with pork belly, delicate with duck, revive on rare roast beef, or smash it into a sausage!

  • AS INGREDIENTS – Add a tablespoon or 2 into a vegetable curry, mix into a noodle stir fry.

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